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How to transfer agricultural deed to family

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2023 | Real Estate Titles

Many families have the goal of keeping their property and assets within the family. This may mean passing assets to loved ones through the terms of a will, or it could happen through other legal steps that will transfer ownership from one person to another. Regardless of how it happens, each Texas family will benefit from learning about how they can transfer an agricultural property title in a way that is most effective for their individual situation. 

The transfer of property is not always a straightforward process. There are legal and financial matters to consider, and it is helpful to have insight regarding the most effective way to accomplish this goal. Agricultural property is a valuable asset, and it is prudent to plan for the best way to shield this asset, as well as protect loved ones from complications, unexpected tax penalties and other issues in the future.  

Protecting your land for generations 

Agricultural property often passes from generation to generation, and it is likely something that you want to keep safe for your kids and your grandkids. Whether you possess property that you want to pass to a loved one or you will be the recipient of a transferred agricultural deed, knowing how this process works is critical. This typically occurs through the following steps: 

  • Identify the recipient of the title. 
  • Discuss this option with the intended recipient. 
  • Complete the appropriate title transfer forms. 
  • Work with a professional to prepare the deed and notarize forms. 
  • File the agricultural deed. 

There are also options for how and when the deed transfer will take place. For example, you can transfer the deed upon your death, which could eliminate that property from going through probate. You can also transfer the deed as a gift during your lifetime, but there may be tax penalties associated with this option.  

Keep your land safe the smart way 

There is much more involved with transferring a deed than simply designating the recipient in your will. It is in your interests to learn about how to make this happen in a way that does not leave you or the intended recipient with unintended penalties or risks. Before you make any decisions that could impact you or your loved ones, you will benefit from seeking a professional option regarding how to protect your land and transfer an agricultural title effectively.