When it comes to real estate dealings, you deserve to have peace of mind. You deserve Blackstone Title LLC.

Experienced, Local Title Service Providers You Can Trust

At Blackstone Title LLC, we focus on meeting clients’ needs while surpassing their expectations in title insurance procurement and other real estate transactions. We provide customized services and detailed guidance regarding contracts and other helpful topics that become all-important at the time of a purchase, sale or refinancing of a residential or commercial property.

Our secret of success is in our people and the experience each staff member brings to the table. Our agency’s attorneys can address any special needs for which our clients might otherwise turn to a real estate law firm. Our escrow officers and assistant are highly trained and knowledgeable. Learn about our backgrounds and qualifications through these links:

Our title agency is just the right size for our customers, who need and expect personalization at closings as well as the fulfillment of comprehensive title services.

Your Essential Needs Are Our Road Map

Title insurance protects lenders and homebuyers from financial losses from defects in titles to properties. Escrow services enlist the services of third parties to hold funds during the process of the purchase, sale or refinancing of a property.

Acquiring the necessary title insurance for the deal you are embarking on may involve meticulous due diligence, including a title search and, if necessary, the curing of any title defects that the search reveals. We take a load off our clients’ shoulders as we closely monitor developments and deadlines. Our skilled, dedicated staff members keep clients informed at every step of the way along the path to the completion of their real estate transactions.

We Are Well-Suited To Become Your “Go-To” Texas Title Agency

Our agency has grown by word of mouth over the years. We are confident in our ability to deliver the value you are looking for as you prepare to buy, sell or refinance a residential or commercial property. We also provide services associated with complex property matters such as partitions, condominium conversions, title insurance for multiuse developments and more.

Let us hear about your project and, in turn, you will learn about what we have to offer. Schedule a consultation by calling 254-224-6635 or completing our online inquiry form. We are ready to listen closely, inform you thoroughly and serve you as you deserve to be served.