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Barbara Alvarez

Headshot of staff member Barbara Alvarez, licensed escrow officer and licensed notary public

Licensed Escrow Officer, Licensed Notary Public

Ms. Alvarez has over 25 years of experience in the title industry, including both commercial and residential properties, and is bilingual in Spanish and English. During her 25 years, Ms. Alvarez has served as senior closer for large volume offices, such as Chicago Title, Reunion Title and Fidelity National Title, and for a number of smaller title offices. She has experience in preparing all aspects of real estate residential and commercial closings from conception to completion, including preparing settlement statements; obtaining or evaluating title work, tax certificates and lien details; summarizing recorded documents; reading and analyzing search requests to determine the type of title evidence required to obtain descriptions of properties; preparing and maintaining reports describing title encumbrances detected during searching activities; obtaining and studying maps or drawings delineating properties from county surveyors or assessors; examining titles to check for restrictions due to delinquent taxes; and solving title-related issues by conferring with realtors, buyers, sellers, lending institutional personnel, surveyors, and courthouse personnel. In her practice, Ms. Alvarez values providing high quality and personalized customer service, while meeting clients’ deadlines from receiving the contract from the selling agent to closing the file.