48 Hours To Closing

A simple checklist to make sure you're ready for your closing date.

Have you…


  • Verified with BUYER/SELLER Date, Time, and Place for closing. Informed them that you will/will not be at the closing. Discussed with them potential delays such as delivery of legal documents by the lender?

  • Verified with BUYER/SELLER that they understand what “GOOD FUNDS” are and have made arrangements with Capital Title for transfer of funds at closing? Remind them that a check drawn on a mutual fund company is not “good funds.”

  • Reminded BUYER/SELLER of who must attend the closing and that all parties bring a driver’s license (proof of ID) to the closing?

  • Discussed with BUYER/SELLER the potential for a delay in funding and that the closing is not necessarily completed at the time the documents are executed?

  • Verified with my BROKER that the commission breakdown is correct and faxed to Capital Title?

  • Verified with LENDER/BORROWER that underwriting requirements have been fulfilled and if not, what items must be delivered to Capital Title at closing?

  • Verified with LENDER that loan documents be delivered on time for scheduled closing?

  • Provided to CAPITAL TITLE the original Power of Attorney (if necessary)?

  • Provided to CAPITAL TITLE the name of home warranty company to be used?

  • Notified CAPITAL TITLE if there is a temporary lease agreement and rents to be collected at closing, if not part of the original contract? Provided to CAPITAL TITLE all repair invoices and evidence of completion?

  • Discussed with CAPITAL TITLE the delivery of proceeds requirements for the seller?

  • Verified WHO has the keys/openers and when they will be provided to the buyer?

The information contained herein is obtained from outside parties and Blackstone Title makes no claim as to its accuracy