10 Steps To Buying Your Home With Confidence

From buying your first home to your hundredth home, this list will help you make the decisions right for you

  1. Select your realtor

    • An experienced realtor with a knowledge of the area and the market is essential in making a house your Home

  2. Determine your budget

    • Knowing how much you can reasonably spend will help make your search for a home faster and smoother

  3. Select your lender

    • A reputable lending service with a history in the market will help make your purchase financially viable

  4. Find your home

    • Pick out which house you want to call home for years to come

  5. Secure your offer

    • Having an experienced realtor, knowing what you can afford, and knowing the current market are all steps that can help you be more confident in the fairness of one of your largest purchases

  6. Select your title insurance company and closing agency

    • It is important to select a company that has the efficiency to expedite your process and the customer service to give you a customized line of service to fit your needs

  7. Buy confidently

    • Understand that you have the research, Title team, Lending team, and realtor behind you to make the best purchase possible

  8. Review closing documents

    • Review wording and terms with your realtor, lawyer, and title agency

  9. Sign closing documents and transfer funds

    • Finalize the process with confidence

  10. Receive your owners title insurance policy

    • Take ownership of Your Home and move in!



Provided courtesy of Westcor Land Title Insurance Company